AFLAC Supplemental Insurance


What is AFLAC?

Aflac is considered supplemental insurance, meaning it works alongside primary health insurance to fill in some potential coverage gaps.  It may also help provide cash payments if an insured is seriously sick or injured.

How Can Employers Access AFLAC as an Employee Benefit?

HPM Insurance is proud to provide access to AFLAC through a relationship with NH Bankers Association. For more than 15 years, NH Bankers Services has offered AFLAC Insurance, America's most recognized supplement insurance.  

For more information, schedule a one-to-one meeting with Ryan Tavares, AFLAC Benefits Advisor,

Why Should I Consider AFLAC as an Employer?

Replacing employees costs a lot of time, money, and resources.  Between recruiting costs, training, and stress, a relatively small investment in employee benefits can go a long way in employee retention. Saving money in less turnover is a win, but so is seeing your employees protected in case of severe illness or injury.

How Do I Get More Information on AFLAC and its Benefits?

Please reach out directly to Ryan Tavares, AFLAC Benefits Advisor.  He can be emailed at or schedule an appointment at