Catering Insurance in New Hampshire

Catering Insurance in New Hampshire

What is Catering Insurance?

Catering is a fun yet sometimes stressful industry for those well suited to cook, with the organizational and people skills necessary to navigate the demands of feeding those who come together for an event.

Though there is no specific catering insurance policy, caterers are exposed to property, liability, and other risks that need protection.

Catering needs a specialized kind of commercial insurance designed to meet the unique risk caterers have, like serving food safely at nearly any location. Because caterers face multiple risks, policies are generally written as package policies that come with numerous coverages.

What Businesses in New Hampshire Need Caterer Insurance?

The majority of New Hampshire businesses that serve food and/or beverages at private events ought to purchase caterer insurance. This typically includes full-time catering businesses, part-time caterers and restaurants that cater on the side.

Businesses that serve food and/or beverages in non-event settings might have insurance needs similar to caterers, but a slightly different type of insurance may better serve these businesses . For example, food trucks likely need a food truck insurance policy that’s similar -- but not quite identical to -- a caterer insurance policy.

Businesses that aren’t sure whether caterer insurance or another option is better for them should speak with an insurance agent, like HPM Insurance, who knows this type of commercial insurance. A specialized agent can provide guidance based on a business’s specific situation.

What Coverages Does Caterer Insurance Provide?

Businesses can often adjust the coverages included in their caterer insurance policy, so there isn't a list of protections found in every policy. Nevertheless, there are several common coverages that lots of policies make available as standard or available protections:

  • Business Property, which may cover owned equipment and supplies
  • Food Spoilage Coverage, which may cover food that’s contaminated during a disaster or power outage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover large, essential equipment that needs repair
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may cover vehicles owned by a business or used to transport food and equipment
  • Hired and non-owned vehicle insurance, which can help protect against liability expenses should an employee use their own vehicle while transporting goods to and from the event
  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover common accidents resulting in injury or property damage
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover foodborne illnesses spread to event attendees

Policies can also offer building coverage, but only caterers that own a building need this protection.

Liquor Liability Coverage for Catering BusinessesDo Catering Businesses Need Liquor Liability Coverage?

Catering businesses that serve alcoholic beverages need liquor liability coverage, for this coverage is a prerequisite to obtaining a state liquor license. An insurance agent can help caterers make sure their catering policy includes at least the minimum level of required liquor liability coverage.

Caterers who never serve alcoholic beverages typically don’t have to worry about this coverage.

What If I Use the Kitchen in My House for Catering?

Homeowner's insurance is not intended to cover any business activity, whether run out of the home or not. In fact, any liability resulting from a business activity is specifically excluded on most NH home insurance policies, while there is only minimal, if any, business property coverage.

This does not mean you cannot use your home kitchen for catering; however, you will need to notify your homeowner's insurance company and obtain a commercial policy to cover your catering business.  It is easiest to speak with an independent insurance agent, like HPM Insurance. We can work between both the personal and commercial departments to find a company that is willing to protect both aspects of your home and business.

What Sorts of Claims Do Catering Policies Cover?

The exact claims that a particular catering policy covers depend on it's terms, conditions, exclusions, and coverages. With the right protections in place, a policy might cover incidents like the following:

  • A business owner or employee causes an auto accident while transporting food to an event site
  • A cook forgets to turn off the burner in an on-site kitchen, and a fire ignites
  • A prep chef doesn’t wash their hands properly and sickens all event attendees
  • An event attendee has too many drinks and starts a physical confrontation with someone
  • An event host trips over supplies left out during setup and is injured
  • A passerby steals equipment out of an unsecured vehicle during setup

How Can New Hampshire Caterers Get Catering Insurance?

For help insuring a catering business, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our team has helped many businesses in New Hampshire get catering insurance, and we’re ready to assist you in searching for a robust policy.