Tree Service Insurance in New HampshireNH Arborist Insurance

What is tree service insurance?

Trimming, chipping, and otherwise working on trees come with inherent risk, as accidents can happen when doing this type of work. Unfortunately, tree service insurance policies won’t prevent accidents from happening but may give New Hampshire arborists crucial financial protection.

There is noa specific insurance policy called "tree service insurance;" however, an experienced insurance agent, such as HPM Insurance, can help provide the various commercial policies needed for those working in this line of work.

What New Hampshire businesses should carry arborist insurance?

Anyone who is an arborist or working with trees as an extension of their landscaping business should have arborist insurance. 

If a business offers any of the following tree care, this type of insurance is likely well-suited for the business:

  • Tree trimming and shaping
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Municipal tree care

In some cases, businesses that offer landscaping or hardscaping services might also want arborist insurance.

What protections can arborists get through tree service policies?

Tree service policies usually offer a combination of property and liability coverages. Property protections tend to protect assets, such as buildings and equipment. Liability protections tend to safeguard against potential lawsuits.

Some of the property coverages that arborists might choose to have:

Some liability coverages that arborists might want are:

Most arborists also purchase commercial auto coverage for their work trucks and other vehicles. Auto coverage is readily available, and it can provide coverage for vehicle damage, injuries, and liability risks stemming from the use of such vehicles.

An insurance agent specializing in tree service policies can help arborists identify and select the coverages that make sense, given their needs.

Does arborist insurance come with worker's compensation coverage?

Businesses that hire employees need workers compensation coverage, which primarily covers specified medical and death benefits for an employee's job-related injury or disease.  Given the hazardous nature of working with trees, this coverage is essential for any tree-related business.

Workers's compensation is not included in an arborist policy, but the coverage can easily be purchased as a separate policy.

How much are premiums for tree service policies?

Premiums for tree service policies are calculated using many factors, including the arborist’s location, region served, services offered, claims history, equipment owned, and other such details.

In most cases, insurance is quite affordable even though exact rates vary. An independent insurance agent can help arborists determine how affordable insurance is for them. Independent agents aren’t obligated to promote any one insurance company but can provide quotes from various companies.

How can arborists working in New Hampshire get tree service insurance?

For help purchasing tree service insurance in New Hampshire, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our agents will work with you to identify coverage needs, and then we can show you several policies that meet those needs well. HPM's assistance can help protect you and your business while you grow. 🌳