How to Get a Home or Auto Insurance Quote?

Whether you need an insurance policy immediately, want to get an idea of how much a home or auto policy would cost, or want an agent to assist you, HPM can provide you with options.HPM Quote Options

1. Have an Experienced Agent Do the Work for You:

HPM Insurance represents 19 home and auto insurance companies, each with various coverage and pricing options.  Our licensed and experienced agents can help you find a policy that fits your needs and budget.  

If you want an agent to handle it for you, we can do that.  Just complete the form to the right and we will be happy to contact you to get the information necessary to provide you with a quote. 

There is no cost to have an experienced and professional agent help find a company right for you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

2. Get an Instant NH Auto or Home Insurance Quote:

If you want to get an idea of how much your home or car insurance will cost, click the link below:

Click here to get quotes!

HPM Insurance has many, though not all, of the companies we represent available to be quoted through our online rating system.

The quote you receive can be seen retrieved and reviewed by our agents, to ensure you are getting the pricing and coverage options you want and expect. 

It can save you time as our agents will not ask you for the same information again, as the details you enter are captured on the rating platform.

The quote is just that, a quote.  The rater will not pull driving history or other information that may change the premium.  It will also not account for other customized coverage you may want or need, such as coverage for jewelry, guns, or other collections. It may also not include available policy enhancements that can include ID theft, water backup, etc.

It will, however, give you an idea of the overall cost of your insurance, which is a great place to start.  You will still get personalized service from an assigned account representative who will manage your account from policy changes, billing questions, or claims.