Travel Medical Insurance For NH Residents or Guests

No matter how healthy the traveler, there may be a bit of anxiety given the importance of access to good health care and the unpredictable nature of health care outside the US. What if you were in an accident overseas and learned your US health insurance plan does not cover you while outside the country? How can you get essential coverage?

travel medical insurance

What is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel Medical Insurance and the several different travel programs available can help ease the financial anxiety given the amount of money it could take to get you the care you need in a medical emergency while traveling.

Consider the following scenarios where health insurance is essential:

  • You are planning an African safari
  • Your son is taking a semester off to backpack across Europe
  • You hire an au pair to care for your child

HPM Insurance can provide the right Medical Trip Insurance policy for you.

Short-Term Travel Medical Insurance:

Even if you have NH Health Insurance, will it cover you outside the United States? Do not assume and check with your health insurance provider before you travel.

If not, we can provide a travel medical insurance plan to either individuals, families, or groups from five days to three years. The policy is designed to protect from financial loss due to someone who becomes ill or is injured while outside their home country. It is ideal for anyone who either does not have this coverage on their primary health policy or has limitations in coverage. This can include individuals or families.

Short-Travel Medical Insurance for Non-US Residents:

Short-term travel medical insurance is a great way to attract and protect au pairs and nannies while working for your family.  Given how expensive a trip to the emergency room is, you will want to ensure the person who takes care of your children is also cared for in case of an accident.

The same may be true for an exchange student who integrates into your family but would not have health insurance otherwise. 

Like many insurance programs, you can purchase different levels of coverage, so speak with an HPM Insurance representative and get the help to find the right coverage for your visitor.

3 reasons to contact HPM Insurance:

  1. Accidents happen no matter where you are or how healthy you feel.
  2. Getting a medical travel policy quote is free, easy, and under no obligation to purchase.
  3. You can get a no-risk quote quickly. Just complete the short form at the top of the page, and we'll have one of our representatives contact you.

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