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You are a recognized handyman whose income depends on your reputation.  Don't let the reputation that you have worked so hard to build go down the drain without the proper insurance coverage.

What is Handyman Insurance?

Working as a handyman (or handywomen) comes with certain inherent risks, which include both property- and liability-related perils. Handyman insurance policies help New Hampshire residents who provide basic maintenance and repair services with protection from many of the risks they face.

Handyman insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been designed to meet the unique needs of handymen and similar workers. These policies usually come with several coverages, and policyholders often can adjust the coverages in their policy for their specific situation.

Who in New Hampshire is a Handyman Policy Right For?

Most New Hampshire residents who offer basic maintenance and repair can benefit from the protections that a handyman policy provides. This includes people who provide both residential and commercial handyman services.

In some cases, business owners may find that securing jobs is difficult if there isn’t any insurance in place. Homeowners and businesses may refuse to hire an uninsured handyman because doing so can place them at an increased risk if something goes wrong. 

What is Covered on a Handyman/Contractors Insurance?

Because commercial insurance, like handyman or contractor's insurance, offers a range of coverages, it can help protect you and your business from many possible events.  Depending on the specific policy, it may cover:

  • Theft of tools, equipment or supplies
  • Injury to pedestrians or other non-employees
  • Property damage to client's property

What Types of Insurance Does a Handyman Need?

Again, this may depend on the extent of the services offered the public, so it is best to speak with an insurance professional.  In general, the following are at least best to consider:

Do Handyman Policies Come with Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation normally covers workplace injuries and illnesses, often paying for medical costs and lost wages that are a direct result of a work-related covered injury or illness. Because even basic maintenance and repairs can result in injuries, this is an especially important protection for anyone in the handyman services industry.

Workers compensation isn’t included in handyman policies. Instead many people in this field end up purchasing workers compensation coverage through a separate policy that focuses on this particular protection. 

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Premiums for Handyman Policies?

Handyman policies are generally affordable, but premiums can vary some depending on the specifics of a business and policy. A few of the items that insurance companies might consider when setting rates are:

  • Where a business is located

  • What area a business serves

  • What kind of services a business provides

  • What equipment a business has or leases

  • What coverages and limits a business selects

An independent insurance agent can check what various insurance companies will charge given a certain set of factors. Unlike most captive agents, independent agents are able to request and compare quotes from several insurance companies at once.

How Can New Hampshire Workers Get Handyman Insurance?

For help finding handyman insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our agents have worked with many New Hampshire residents who work in this field, and we have the expertise necessary to get you a robust yet affordable policy.