Septic System Installers and Cleaners Insurance in New Hampshire

septic cleaner and installer insurance

What is Septic Installer and Cleaner Insurance?

All businesses have risks, but working on septic systems presents risks unique compared with many other businesses, given the nature of the work. Working with HPM Insurance can help septic installers and cleaners located in New Hampshire and beyond protect themselves from many of the potential risks they face.

Though there is not specific septic installers and cleaners insurance, it is considered commercial insurance and can be tailored for septic service providers. Policies usually come as a package policy to provide robust protection under one policy for septic work while allowing business owners to add additional policies as needed.

Which NH Businesses Are Septic Cleaner and Installer Policies Suited For?

Businesses that provide septic services in New Hampshire stand to benefit from the protections that an HPM Insurance agent can provide, including businesses that do the following:

  • Septic tank maintenance including, pumping and cleaning of septic
  • Grease and holding tank pumping and cleaning
  • Baffle repairs
  • Septic filter cleaning
  • Septic tank installation including risers and covers

What Coverages Are Available Through Septic Cleaners and Installers Policies?

Septic service providers might access many different coverages through septic cleaners and installers policies. A few of the more common coverages that policies typically make available are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage may cover owned facilities, equipment, tools, and supplies
  • Crime Coverage protects against employee dishonesty, which typically applies to office and accounting personnel
  • Completed Operations Liability may cover the costs associated with the  contamination of customer's property due to improper cleaning or repair, or severe injury or death caused by methane gas 
  • Inland Marine Coverage may cover equipment, tools, and supplies as they move between sites. Vacuum units, hoses, and other equipment need coverage for theft, chemical damage, collision while transported, etc.
  • Environmental Liability may help with clean up due to spilling of septic while in transit or while at customer's property
  • General Liability Coverage may cover basic accidents as well as a few lawsuits
  • Business Income Coverage, which may cover prolonged periods of decreased revenue after certain disasters

An insurance agent specializing in septic cleaners and installers policies can explain these and the other insurance coverages available in detail. With an agent’s assistance, septic service providers can make informed decisions about which coverages they want in a policy.  Separate policies may include:

Do Septic Service Providers Need Workers Compensation?

Businesses that have employees need to carry worker's compensation, as mandated by state law.  Worker's compensation typically insures against workplace injuries and illnesses, often helping pay medical expenses and a portion of lost wages in the event of a covered claim. This sort of coverage is vital when working directly with waste like sewage.

While worker's compensation is essential, septic cleaner and installer policies do not include such coverage and need to be purchased separately.

How Much Are Premiums for Septic Installers and Cleaners Policies?

How much septic service providers must pay for insurance depends on many factors, and premiums for these policies vary. A few items that frequently impact the cost of a policy include

  • Central location
  • Region served
  • Equipment used
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenues
  • Chosen coverages

An independent insurance agent, who’s free to compare quotes from different insurance companies, can help septic service providers find out how much a policy will cost them.

How Can Service Providers in New Hampshire Get Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

If you’re a septic service provider located in New Hampshire or New England and need assistance with insurance, contact the independent insurance agents of HPM Insurance. Our agents have experience with septic installers and cleaners insurance that will help you choose a tailored policy for your business needs and budget.