Hair Salon & Barber Insurance in New Hampshire

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What is Hair Salon & Barber Insurance?

Hairdressers and barbers are exposed to a wide-range of potential risks, from the tools they use on clients to where they operate their business.  Salon & barber insurance helps hairdressers in New Hampshire protect their businesses from many of the perils they face.

Salon & barber insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the unique needs of hairstylists and others who work in the beauty industry. Most policies offer a range of coverages that can be customized based on the specific needs of the salon.

What Coverages Do Hair Salon Insurance Policies Offer?

As mentioned, the coverages in a hair salon insurance policy can often be customized for a particular salon’s situation.  Do you strictly cut and style hair or do you also offer waxing services or perhaps tanning?

The combination of coverages needed will depend on the scope of your business.  Be sure to share all aspects of your operation with your insurance professional so they can best meet your coverage needs.

Stylists who rent a booth in a salon or barber shop typically don’t need a lot of property coverage beyond their tools and any products they offer but will need liability coverage. In this situation, the following coverages might be appropriate:

Stylists who own the space they’re in need all the above liability coverages (except perhaps renters liability coverage). They might also need property and employment protections. A few additional coverages to consider might include:

  • Building Coverage, which may cover an owned building

  • Contents Coverage, which may cover equipment and items in an owned building

  • Workers Compensation Coverage, which may cover employee injuries and illnesses

  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which may cover employment-related issues

Stylists who work at home often need the coverages listed above, as they face both liability and property risks. In most cases, homeowners insurance will not extend to any business operation so a separate policy may be needed.  It is also important to ensure you speak with your homeowner's carrier so they are aware of the business exposure; otherwise there could be a coverage issue with any homeowner claim.

Working with an insurance agent like HPM Insurance who specializes in hair salon insurance makes choosing the right coverage combination easy. An agent who knows what options are available and has assisted other hairdressers in New Hampshire is able to make informed recommendations that are based on a business’ individual situation.

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What Businesses in New Hampshire Need Hair Salon Insurance?

Most businesses in New Hampshire that cut or style hair for customers should consider getting hair salon insurance. This includes hairdressers, hair stylists, barbers and anyone else who regularly works with hair. These types of businesses are often ill-equipped to manage a major claim, and most of these businesses could be named in a liability lawsuit or sustain substantial property loss.

How Much Do Hair Salon Policies Cost?

Premiums for hair salon policies are generally inexpensive, although they can vary depending on several factors. A few items that might influence the cost are:

  • Whether the business owner works at home, rents a space or owns a commercial building

  • What types of services the business offers

  • Where the business is located

  • What limits and coverages the business owner selects

  • Whether the business has previously filed an insurance claim

How Can Hairdressers Get Salon & Barber Insurance?

For help finding salon & barber insurance that’s right for your business, contact HPM Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many hairdressers, salons and barbershops in New Hampshire find insurance coverage that suits their needs, and we’d be happy to assist you with your business' insurance needs.