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What is Restaurant Insurance?

Owners of New Hampshire restaurants have a lot invested in their businesses, and they need to protect their businesses from a range of potential risks. Restaurant insurance helps restaurant owners in the state shield their businesses from many covered risks.

Restaurant insurance policies are specialized commercial insurance policies that have been specially designed for food service establishments. Policies generally have a variety of restaurant property insurance coverages and restaurant liability insurance coverages, and businesses can frequently adjust the included coverages to their unique situation.

New Hampshire restaurant insurance is not a cookie-cutter product, and like any good meal, the difference is in the preparation and details. 

What Businesses in New Hampshire Need a Restaurant Policy?

Most dining establishments in New Hampshire should have a restaurant policy, for few could afford to recover from a major disaster without suffering at least a significant financial setback (if not financial insolvency). Some specific examples of businesses that may want this type of policy include:

  • Fast food establishments

  • Counter service establishments

  • Casual dining establishments

  • Fine dining establishments

  • Stores with in-store restaurants

Some businesses, such as breweries, bars, food trucks and caterers, might need an insurance policy that’s similar to a restaurant policy but have slightly different coverage requirements. Insurance companies often offer slightly different policies for businesses like these. For example, many insurance companies have brewery insurance, tavern insurance, food truck insurance and/or catering insurance policies.

What Protections Do Restaurant Policies Provide?

In order to protect against multiple risks that restaurants face, most restaurant policies come with several restaurant property insurance and restaurant liability insurance coverage.

Depending on a policy’s terms and conditions, it may provide a combination of the following restaurant property insurance coverages:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which might cover company-owned buildings and equipment

  • Tenants Betterment Coverage, which might cover company-made improvements to leased property

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might cover company-owned equipment against unexpected breakdown

  • Food Contamination Coverage, which might cover ingredients and prepared foods against contamination

Some of the restaurant liability insurance coverages that a policy may make available are:

Should Restaurants Have Auto Insurance?

Restaurants that own or use vehicles probably should also consider commercial auto coverage, especially if any food delivery is provided.  Those that rely on employee vehicles may only need hired and non-owned auto coverage.

An experienced insurance agent can help restaurants decide what type of auto coverage (and what other restaurant liability insurance coverages) are right for their situation.

Should Restaurants Have Workers Compensation?

Businesses that employ workers in New Hampshire are required by state law to carry workers compensation, which typically covers work-related injuries and illnesses. While workers compensation is normally purchased separately from a restaurant policy, insurance agents who help with restaurant policies can usually also assist with this coverage.

How Much Do Restaurant Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting premiums, so rates for restaurant policies frequently vary. A restaurant’s location, number of employees, annual food and liquor sales and other items can all impact premiums.

Even with variance among premiums, having a restaurant policy is almost always more affordable than facing a major claim with no coverage in place.

How Can Restaurants Get Restaurant Insurance?

For help finding a restaurant policy that has the coverages your New Hampshire dining establishment needs, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. In addition to having the expertise necessary to help you find a policy that has robust coverages, our insurance agents are independent so that they can show you restaurant policies from multiple insurance companies in the state. With their assistance, you can be confident that the restaurant insurance you select gives solid coverage at an affordable price.