Sports and Fitness Insurance in New Hampshire

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What is Sports and Fitness Insurance?

Health clubs are exposed to an array of potential risks, including both liability- and property-related risks. Sports and fitness insurance helps clubs in New Hampshire shield themselves from many of the perils that they face.

Sports and fitness insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the needs of sports, fitness and health clubs. Policies usually include a combination of coverages that provide robust protection against the risks that clubs face, and the exact mixture of coverages can often be customized to meet a particular club’s situation.

What New Hampshire Businesses is Health and Fitness Insurance Right For?

Most sports, fitness and health clubs in New Hampshire can benefit from having health and fitness insurance in place. These policies are often used by sports complexes, fitness centers, gyms and similar businesses in the state.

What Coverages Are Available Through Health and Fitness Insurance Policies?

Health and fitness club insurance policies typically make a variety of coverages available as either standard or optional protections. Broadly speaking, most of the coverages can be categorized as either property or liability protections.

To help protect property that a club owns or leases, policies might offer coverages like the following:

  • Building Coverage, which might cover an owned building

  • Tenants Betterment Coverage, which might cover improvements made to a leased space

  • Contents Coverage, which might cover gear and supplies that are kept in a building

  • Equipment Coverage, which might cover essential equipment if it breaks down

To help shield a club from potential liability risks, policies might offer lots of different liability coverages. Some more common ones are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover common accidents and false advertising lawsuits

  • Professional Liability Coverage, which might cover mistakes made by salaried trainers and instructors

  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover incidents involving sold products

  • Participant Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries sustained by members who are engaged in activities

  • Spectator Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries sustained by members who are watching activities

  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which might provide additional liability protection

With so many coverage options, knowing which ones to select can be challenging. Health clubs can get assistance with the process by talking with an experienced insurance agent who specializes in this type of insurance. Such an agent will know what coverage options are available, and they’ll know what other clubs have selected. Their informed advice can make selecting the right combination of coverages much easier.

Is Workers Compensation Included in Health and Fitness Insurance Policies?

Although most health clubs have employees and need workers compensation insurance, this is one coverage that’s normally not included in health and fitness policies. Instead, clubs usually have to procure workers compensation separately. Insurance agents who assist with health and fitness club policies can usually also help with workers compensation policies.

Is Coverage for High-Risk Activities Available Through Sports and Fitness Policies?

Health clubs that offer high-risk activities and sports should speak with a knowledgeable agent about their particular situation. An agent will be able to recommend the best way to obtain coverage for the liability risks that accompany offering high-risk activities.

How Can Clubs in New Hampshire Get Sports and Fitness Insurance?

For help finding sports and fitness insurance that fits your New Hampshire club’s situation, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our agents have the knowledge necessary to help you identify which coverages are appropriate, and they can show you policies from several insurance companies that offer those coverages.