Snow Plowing Insurance in New Hampshire 

NH Snowplow Insurance

What is Snow Plowing Insurance?

Those who snowplow in NH can invest a lot of time and money in the businesses they run, and those investments should be protected. Snow plowing insurance helps protect plowing businesses in New Hampshire from many of the risks they face.

Snow plowing insurance is a specialized form of commercial auto insurance that’s specifically designed for plowing businesses. Most policies come with multiple coverages bundled together, and businesses can frequently customize those coverages to their particular needs.

What Businesses in New Hampshire Need Snow Plow Insurance?

Most businesses in New Hampshire that offer plowing services during winter should have snow plow insurance in place. This includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:

  • Residential snow plowers

  • Commercial snow plowers

  • Landscapers that plow during winter

  • Other businesses that plow for clients

  • Sole proprietors who plow part-time

What Coverages Do Snow Plow Insurance Policies Include?

Since businesses can frequently customize the coverages included in snow plow policies, exactly what coverages are included in a policy can vary. Nonetheless, there are several coverages that many policies make available as standard or optional protections. Some of the more common ones are:

While every coverage chosen should be carefully considered, snow plowers should pay special attention to the commercial auto coverage included in a policy. It’s important to make sure this coverage offers adequate protection against vehicle-related liability risks, for company-owned vehicles themselves and for plowing equipment that’s installed on vehicles.

An insurance agent who specializes in snow plow insurance will know how to check a policy’s commercial auto coverage to make sure adequate protections are in place.

Do Snow Plowers Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Most snow plow businesses that have paid employees need workers compensation insurance, for New Hampshire law generally requires that businesses which employ workers carry this coverage. Insurance agents who are familiar with snow plow policies can usually help with this coverage as well, even though it’s purchased separately from snow plow policies themselves.

In some cases, sole proprietors who plow commercially but don’t employ workers may still want workers compensation insurance for themselves. Health insurance sometimes doesn’t cover injuries that occur while working, which can leave sole proprietors with a gap in their coverage. Carrying workers compensation may fill in such a gap.

How Much Do Snow Plow Insurance Policies Cost?

Snow plow policies’ rates vary, and insurance companies consider a number of factors when setting premiums. Some of the items that may influence how much a policy costs include the:

  • Location of a snow plowing business

  • What is plowed (public roads, private driveways, commercial property, parking lots or strip malls)
  • Number of employees the business has

  • Driving history of the plow drivers

  • Year, make and model of the vehicles used

  • Claims history of the business

  • Coverages and limits selected for the policy

Businesses can find out how much insurers will charge them for a snow plow policy by talking with an independent insurance agent like HPM Insurance.  We have access to numerous companies, so we can help businesses get quotes from multiple insurers.

How Can Plowing Businesses Get Snow Plowing Insurance?

For help finding a snow plow policy that meets your business’ coverage needs, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our agents have helped many New Hampshire plowing businesses get snow plowing insurance, and they’re ready to assist your business.