New Hampshire High Value Home Insurance

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You work hard and expect to be treated well. If you have your customized home with a faceless insurance company, you may be treated as a faceless customer.

At HPM Insurance, with five offices throughout New Hampshire, we assign your account to a small team who get to know you and how to best protect your assets. When you call our office, you get the same person who can help you with an issue or answer your questions. What do you get, besides frustrated, when you call an insurance company and have to hold for the next available representative? Is this the kind of personalized service you like or deserve for the amount of premium you are paying?

Do you think that this level of service and customization is more expensive? It isn't because we are an independent insurance agency, meaning we can find you the most competitive price and product from many of our insurance companies that specialize in high value homes. Why go to an insurance agency or company that only sells for one company with little choice? 

Issues Surrounding High Value Homes in NH -

One of the most common questions we get at HPM Insurance is regarding the amount of coverage someone should have on their home. This is a tricky question because some people think that they should insure their home for its assessed value, while others think it should be for what they paid for it. At HPM Insurance, we will help you determine the amount of coverage you should have on your home based on what it would cost today to rebuild it. If your home is highly customized, we can have an insurance company do an on-site inspection, at no cost to you, to ensure you are properly covered. We will work with you and the insurance company to ensure that you have the right coverage in place.

Benefits of a NH High Value Home Policy -

Most insurance policies are written to provide the average homeowner with the coverage they would need should a loss occur. Would you consider your home average? If not, you should consider a high-value home policy offered by several of the insurance companies we have access to including Travelers, Cincinnati and Chubb. These carriers offer the coverage that you expect including a higher limit of guaranteed replacement coverage, broader coverage for your personal property and fewer coverage limitations.

Why HPM Insurance -

HPM Insurance has offices throughout the state, including in Amherst, Bedford, Bristol and Laconia.  We have been writing high value homes in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts for generations. We understand that you expect a higher level of service and at HPM Insurance Insurance, you get it. We understand how the customization of a home can impact its replacement cost. We are also very familiar with insuring high value items like jewelry and fine art, or even a golf cart.

We have multiple high-value home insurance companies to work with, so we can find you the best company for the coverage you need and at a reasonable price.

HPM also has an office in Amherst, NH. For more information about Amherst High Value Home Insurance please visit our web page dedicated to this information. 

Here are two reasons to act now -

  1. Each day that goes by with your home insured on an average homeowners policy, is a day you may have to settle for average coverage.
  2. You have nothing to lose by entering your basic information above so we can begin the quoting process. Once you complete the short form by entering your zip code, we will have an HPM team member reach out to you in a manner of your convenience (phone or email.) We can give you peace of mind and that is priceless!