Corvette Insurance in New Hampshire

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What is Corvette insurance?

New Hampshire drivers should purchase car insurance that protects both the vehicle and their assets, but that's doubly true when driving a Corvette. The power, speed, and value of these vehicles mean they require special insurance -- Corvette insurance.

Though there is no specific "Corvette Insurance," owners of Corvette should purchase auto insurance tailored to cover the iconic Chevrolet Corvette. Policies take into account the model's high values and powerful engines.

Who in New Hampshire needs Corvette insurance?

Most New Hampshire drivers who have a Chevy Corvette should consider Corvette insurance. A specialized policy is helpful when driving such a special car.

Corvette policies are available for virtually all years, makes, and models. Because vehicle specifics can vary from year to year, drivers should work with an insurance agent who can work with you to get the coverage you need.

It may be challenging to get such coverage thru an agent that only sells for one company, but an independent agency has access to multiple carriers and can provide you with coverage options.

What types of coverage do Corvette policies provide?

Corvette insurance can offer comprehensive coverage to protect against a wide range of potential risks. These include both damage to the vehicle and other risks.

Some coverages that might help protect the vehicle against damage include:

  • Collision Coverage: May cover damages resulting from a collision involving the vehicle and at least one other vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: May cover non-collision damages to the vehicle, such as those caused by fire, theft, or natural disasters.
  • Gap Coverage: May pay the difference between a loan or lease's outstanding balance and a Corvette's depreciated value.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: May pay out an agreed-upon value between you and the insurer, which is determined when the policy is put into effect.


Agreed value coverage can be essential for customized Corvettes and rare models, as it can be written to include high-end aftermarket parts. The coverage could also help remove any uncertainty regarding a rare Corvette's value, as it is often indicated on the policy.  

(It is important to remember, however, that values are not static and need to be updated as the vehicle's value changes.)

Some other coverages that Corvette policies can include:

  • Medical Payments Coverage: May cover medical expenses for people in the vehicle who are injured
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: May cover damages that other vehicles or property sustained in a collision
  • Bodily Injury Coverage: May cover injuries suffered by other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians involved in an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: May cover injuries caused by other drivers with insufficient or no insurance coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance: May offer services such as towing, flat tire change, battery jump-start, fuel delivery, and lockout assistance if your Corvette breaks down while on the road.

Does auto insurance cover accidents when speeding?

Speeding is never advised, as it's dangerous and can have legal consequences. Nonetheless, auto insurance generally provides protection even if you're speeding and crash your Corvette.

If you receive a speeding ticket for going 25 mph over the speed limit (or more), this may be considered a major violation, and you will almost certainly face much higher rates when your policy renews.  

Do Corvette policies cover racetrack driving?

Like almost all auto insurance policies, Standard Corvette policies are intended for driving on public roads. They aren't intended for driving on private racetracks and don't provide coverage in these situations. In fact, there is typically language within the auto policy that expressly excludes coverage for "any vehicle located inside a facility designed for racing, for the purpose of 1: competing in; or 2. practicing or preparing for; any prearranged or organized racing or speed contest.

Are Corvette policies only for classic models?

While classic Corvettes can require specialized insurance due to their increased value and potential for being collector's items, Corvette policies aren't exclusive to classic models. Regardless of age, any customized vehicle should consider customized coverage for their Corvette.

How can Corvette owners in New Hampshire secure Corvette insurance?

For New Hampshire Corvette owners seeking to insure their vehicle, contact HPM Insurance. We'll work with you to find the coverage you are looking for to give you peace of mind while out on the road.