Sports Team Insurance in New Hampshire

What is Sports Team Insurance?

Team sports are an integral part of American culture and teach valuable lessons to anyone playing basketball, soccer, baseball, football, and other sports. Though fun, participation does come with a certain amount of risk.  Any team or organization can be held liable if someone is injured during a team practice or game. This is where Sports Team Insurance can team insurance

Sports team insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that is uniquely suited to the needs of sports teams and organizations. To protect organizations against the multiple risks they face, these policies are typically package policies that come with multiple coverages.

What Organizations in New Hampshire Need Team Sports Insurance?

Any New Hampshire organization officially involved in organized team sports might benefit from the protections that sports insurance provides. Some specific examples of organizations that might need this insurance include:

  • Local or regional youth sports leagues
  • Organized recreational league of any age
  • Athletic tournaments
  • Travel sports teams

Sports teams with players of all ages should have team insurance to protect those that help build, manage and run the team.  Otherwise, you may be putting personal assets at risk.  An insurance agent specializing in sports team insurance can guide you in finding a policy that works for the team.

What Coverages Does Sports Insurance Provide?

Sports team policies commonly contain a combination of liability and property protection. The former typically protects organizations in situations where an organization might be held financially liable, such as incidents where someone is injured, whether while playing or watching.  Property coverages usually protect organization-owned assets.

Some of the liability protections that a policy might make available include:

Some of the property coverages that a policy might come with are:

  • Commercial Property and Equipment Coverage, which may cover owned buildings and equipment kept inside them
  • Crime Coverage, which may cover embezzlement of funds by employees or volunteer workers

Does Sports Insurance Policies Come with Workers Compensation?

Most organizations that need sports insurance also need worker's compensation coverage. If there are employees, workers' compensation is required by law.  It protects against job-related injuries and illnesses and may extend to volunteers, depending on the specifics of a policy and situation.

How Can Organizations in New Hampshire Get Sports Team Insurance?

For help finding sports team insurance in New Hampshire, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our agents can explore policy options from multiple insurance companies in the state, and we have the expertise necessary to make sure your team or organization ends up with the best available policy option.