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HPM understands clients want access to policy services on their schedule, not ours.

Because of this, HPM clients can access their policies 24/7 on a smartphone, tablet, or computer once signed up with the HPM Client Center to do the following:

Pay a bill directly with your company (even if multiple carriers!)
File a claim directly to your company

Request proof of insurance (including certificates and ID cards)

Receive insurance documents securely

Send a question to your agent

Request a quote

View Insurance policies 

Request policy changes

How can clients access the HPM Client Center?

It could not be easier!  Simply click the "Click Here" image below from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

click here 72

You can use this link to sign up for the HPM Client Center, or you are an existing user of the Client Center, and need to log in again.

If you click the link on your mobile device (Apple or Android) an app called "GloveBox" will appear.  If you want to access your insurance information easily from your mobile device, you should download the app. The logo "GloveBox" will update to HPM Insurance, so you will easily know where to go in the future to manage your policies.

The first time you log in, a PIN number will be sent to the primary email or phone number we have on file.  You will need access to that email or text to enter the PIN provided, verifying it is you.

Once done, your policies with HPM will appear, as well as the capability to manage them.

What if I have multiple accounts with HPM Insurance?

All policies will appear in the Client Center if you have one account (such as a home, auto, and umbrella policy.)

If you have multiple accounts, say personal insurance, as well as insurance for a business, or a few businesses under different entities, you can see all accounts if you have the same email and/or phone number tied to all accounts. 

You can still access your policies through the client center if you have different contact information for your personal and business policies, but you would have to log in separately.  If you want to be able to access all accounts under one login, just let us know, and we can update your accounts to ensure the contact information matches.

What if I don't receive an email or text with the PIN?

This means that the information provided does not match what we have on file.  Please note that if we have the primary email or text as your significant other, business partner or person who typically handles your insurance, the PIN will go to them.  For security purposes, there can only be one, but if you log in from the same browser and IP address or download the app, you will only need to PIN once. 

If this person can readily provide you with the PIN, great!  If we need to amend the primary contact information on the account, please let us know.  (If you are not listed as a named insured, we will need to get permission from them.)

Do I Have to Download an App?

No, you don't have to download the GloveBox/HPM app; however, it will make it easier to manage your policies, so you don't have to remember where the link is saved.

What If I Don't See All My Policies?

Contact HPM Insurance.  Some insurance companies have a direct link to the portal so your policy information shows automatically while others don't.  If you don't see your policy or other insurance information you are looking for, let us know and we will be happy to drop into the portal so you can access it.

Why Do I Need to Set Up an Account Using Policy Information to See Policy Information?

We understand this sounds counterintuitive, but the portal is asking for your carrier login information to connect directly with your carrier.  It should only ask this once upon setup.  Once connected, you can pay your bill, file a claim, or use active policy monitoring if available from your carrier.

What Does "Activate Policy Monitoring" Mean?

Some insurance companies download information securely into the portal.  This means you are essentially seeing real-time information (understanding that it may take 24 hours for policy changes to process.) 

If you have a carrier that offers this, you will see a button next to the carrier name or indicated by a "connection available" message.

To use this feature, you can use (or create) a username and password for the monitoring company.  You should only have to do this one time, as the portal should store your user information.

If you have different companies insuring various things, you need to log into/create an account with each carrier.  (Example: Home insurance with Safeco and boat insurance with Progressive.) 

Who is GloveBox?

GloveBox is the vendor that supports the HPM app and portal access.  Once you download the GloveBox app, the image will update to HPM Insurance.  GloveBox will also send emails, on HPM's, behalf, encouraging clients to sign up for portal access.  Please know that these emails will cease after several months and can be unsubscribed from at any time.

Can I pay my bill through the Client Center?

If you receive a bill directly from your insurance company, you can pay your bill directly and securely from the client center portal.  This applies even if you have multiple carriers.

To pay a bill to the carrier, you would need your carrier log-in information (or create a log-in) the first time you utilize this feature.

If you receive an agency bill directly from HPM Insurance, this service is not available at this time. 

If I utilize the portal, do I get notified that insurance bills are due?

You can pay a bill through the portal, but portal users do not get any additional notifications other than what is already sent directly from the carrier.

How do I know a document has been added to the Client Center Portal?

You are notified via email if HPM adds a document to your client center portal. The email is sent to the address used to set up portal access.  Documents can include new business policies, renewals, certificates of insurance, binders, ID cards, etc.

Can I access the Client Center Portal if I have life and health insurance through HPM?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently link health, life, or pet policies with the Client Center.

Can I have multiple users access my policies in the Client Center?

Yes- if you want multiple users to access your insurance information through the portal, they will need the pin # sent to the primary contact's email/text.  If you share that information with them, they will be able to access the Client Center. 

HPM Insurance will not add anyone's email or mobile number to an account without the insured's permission.

What if I don't want to use the HPM Client Center Portal?

If you don't want to use the portal, you don't have to.  HPM wants to communicate with you how you prefer, whether dropping by an office, calling, emailing, texting, or asking questions via the portal.

When HPM began using the portal, emails and texts went out from both HPM and Glovebox informing clients of its availability. Emails and texts also go out to new clients of HPM Insurance.

If you don't want to receive these emails, then click the "Unsubscribe" link within the email.  If you don't want to receive texts, reply STOP, and you should no longer receive such communication. As we believe this is a value-add for clients, you will receive several such communications until you either unsubscribe/stop or sign up. 

If you signed up for the portal and wanted your policies and documents saved within, but change your mind, we ask that you contact us to change your communication preference.

What if I already access my policies through the existing HPM Client Portal/InsurLink?

InsurLink is not going away at this time.  HPM is always looking for better ways to service our clients, and we believe that the new and improved Client Center through GloveBox achieves that goal.  The most common client service request we get is bill paying, and the InsurLink portal could not help with that.  We also believe the new Client Center is more user-friendly for our clients and team.

What if I forget my HPM Client Center Password?

There is no password. The client center is locked down until you enter a PIN sent to the primary email or phone number we have on file and match the information you use to log in.

HPM Insurance is here for you!

The HPM Client Center is in no way trying to dilute our relationship with you.  We know you have your coverage with HPM because you want a local and trusted insurance adviser in your corner.  If you have a question or concern regarding your insurance, we want you to contact us directly.

The Client Center is intended to be an extension of our service and dedication to you.  As business can not always be done Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, we want you to get the information and service you need when you need it.

We greatly appreciate your business and hope you find the Client Center a valuable tool in simplifying your insurance.