Electricians Insurance in New Hampshire

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What is Electrician Insurance?

Electricians regularly work with potentially dangerous currents that can cause property damage, injury and even death. Should electricians make an error in their work, they might be held liable for any harm that follows as a result of their mistake. Electrician insurance may help protect New Hampshire electricians from the financial consequences of covered accidents that occur.

Electrician insurance is a highly specialized form of commercial insurance that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical contractors and electricians. Policies are usually written as package policies the combine several coverages together in order to provide robust protection against a range of potential accidents and risks.

Who in New Hampshire Needs an Electrician Policy?

Most businesses and individuals in New Hampshire who work with electrical currents should consider getting an electrician policy. This includes, but isn’t necessarily limited to, electrical contractors, electricians and electrical service businesses.

What Protections Do Electrician Policies Provide?

The coverages included in electrician policies can normally be adjusted to suit a particular electrician’s situation, so not every policy offers the exact same combination of protections. Nevertheless, there are many coverages that insurance companies make widely available through these policies. Some of the more common coverages include:

Other coverages that electricians may want to consider are business interruption coverage, equipment breakdown coverage and commercial auto insurance.

For help sorting through all of the available coverage options, electricians should consult an independent insurance agent who specializes in electrician policies. Such an agent will be able to recommend a customized combination of coverages and compare quotes for policies that offer the desired coverages.

Do Electrician Policies Come with Workers Compensation Insurance?

Even though many electricians run businesses that need workers compensation insurance, electrician policies generally don’t include this coverage. Disability and health insurance likewise aren’t normally included either.

While these sorts of coverages typically must be purchased separately through stand-alone policies, many insurance agents who help businesses find electrician policies are also familiar with these other coverages. They can often also assist in the search for these and most other necessary insurance protections.

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What Sorts of Incidents Do Electrician Policies Protect Against?

Because they offer a range of coverages, electrician policies are able to protect against many potential incidents. Depending on a policy’s included coverages, it might help if an electrician:

  • Has tools stolen from a job site

  • Makes an error that causes a fire

  • Leaves tools lying around that causes someone, other than an employee, to trip and get hurt

How Are Electrician Policies’ Rates Determined?

Insurance companies take into account many different factors when setting premiums for electrician policies. Some of the details they might consider include:

  • Years of experience as electrician
  • Where an electrician’s facilities are located

  • Locations/states where services provided

  • What type of electrical work an electrician does

  • Gross annual sales/revenue

How Can Electricians in New Hampshire Get Electrician Insurance?

For help securing electrician insurance for yourself or your business, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our team has helped many New Hampshire businesses get a policy that meets their needs, and we’re here to assist you too.