Plumbing Insurance in New Hampshire

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What Is Plumbing Insurance?

Plumbers are exposed to a range of potential risks by the work they do, with the potential perils ranging from theft and property damage to injury-related lawsuits. Commercial insurance specialized for a plumbing business can help shield plumbers in New Hampshire from many of the risks that they’re exposed to.

Plumbing insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been specifically designed to meet the risk mitigation needs of plumbers. Policies are generally written as package policies, meaning that several commercial coverages are included in one convenient policy.  

Who Needs Plumbers Insurance?

The vast majority of people and businesses that provide plumbing services in New Hampshire should be insured with a plumbing policy. This includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Individuals who are self-employed as full-time plumbers

  • Employees who moonlight by providing plumbing services part-time

  • Companies offering residential plumbing services

  • Companies offering commercial plumbing services

In some cases, companies that specialize in other types of work but occasionally perform plumbing work on the side might also need a plumbing-specific policy. For example, home builders, kitchen remodelers, general contractors, septic tank installers and pipe fitters might benefit from the coverages that a policy makes available.  Speak to your insurance professional to ensure your work as a plumber is included in your policy.

Individuals and companies that are unsure whether they need plumbers insurance should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. Such an agent will be able to make an informed recommendation based on the particular work being done and any coverages that are already in place.

What Insurance is Available for NH Plumbers?

Plumbers may need any of the coverage and/or policies listed below.  Some coverages are included on a single policy, while others need to be purchased separately.  That is the benefit of working with an insurance agency like HPM Insurance, as our experienced team can customize the coverage to fit your needs and budget.  Some of the coverage options for NH plumbers include:

Along with these, some plumbers also elect to get cyber liability coverage, business interruption coverage and other available protections.

Do Plumbers Need Workers Compensation?

While exact workers compensation requirements must be evaluated based on a business’ specific circumstances, it’s often wise for plumbers to procure this coverage.

Plumbing companies that have employees are required by state law to carry workers compensation in case their employees are injured on the job.  If your company utilizes subcontractors vs. employees, it is important to understand the rules per the NH Department of Labor in what defines an employee vs. a subcontractor.  For more information on this topic, view the HPM blog, Difference Between a Subcontractor and an Employee in NH.

Another important point about work-place injuries is that some health insurance policies don’t cover work-related injuries, which can leave a gap in protection. Sole proprietors who want to make sure their covered against this potential risk may get workers compensation coverage for themselves.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help plumbers in New Hampshire evaluate the situation.

How Can Plumbers Get Plumbing Insurance?

For help finding plumbing insurance that’s right for your business, contact the independent insurance agents of HPM Insurance. Our agents have worked with many plumbers in New Hampshire, New England and beyond.  We’re ready to assist you with your insurance needs.