Home Health Care Insurance in New Hampshire

Home Health Care Insurance New Hampshire

What is Home Health Care Insurance?

Providing medical services in patients’ private houses exposes home health care organizations to multiple risks. In addition to property-related risks, businesses may be held liable for improper medical care, inappropriate employee actions, car accidents and other incidents. Home health care insurance helps protect New Hampshire businesses who provide at-home medical services from many of the potential risks they face.

Home health care insurance policies are specially designed to meet the risk mitigation needs of businesses that provide at-home medical services. Because these businesses are typically exposed to multiple risks, policies usually are written as package policies that include multiple coverages within them.

What New Hampshire Businesses Need a Home Health Care Policy?

Many New Hampshire businesses in the home health care and hospice sectors of the medical field can benefit from the protections that a home health care policy offers. The specific coverages in a policy can frequently be tailored for a specific business’ situation, which make the policies useful to a wide array of businesses in these sectors.

Businesses that are unsure whether this or another form of insurance makes the most sense for them should contact an insurance agent who specializes in this type of coverage. A specialized agent will be able to make an informed policy recommendation that’s specific to a business’ situation.

What Coverages Do Home Health Care Policies Offer?

Some of the many coverages that home health care policies might make available include the following:

These are just some of the many coverages available. The exact coverages that a particular policy offers can vary.

Do Home Health Care Policies Cover Cases of Abuse and Molestation?

Many home health care policies offer abuse and molestation coverages as an available protection. This coverage often falls under the broader protection of general liability, but it sometimes has to be specifically selected because it’s a more narrow protection. Be sure to discuss the particulars of this coverage with your insurance professional so you have a clear understanding of the coverage and its limits.

What Type of Commercial Automobile Coverage Do Home Health Care Businesses Need?

The type of commercial automobile coverage that home health care businesses need depends on what vehicles are used in the course of business operations. Businesses that rely on company-owned vehicles typically need traditional commercial auto coverage. Those that have employees drive their own personal vehicles or rented vehicles for work usually need hired and non-owned auto coverage.

To meet home health care business’ diverse auto coverage needs, these policies often offer both traditional commercial and hired/non-owned auto coverages. Some policies even include both forms of coverage in their standard protections.

What Documents Do Businesses Need When Applying for a Home Health Care Policy?

Applying for a home health care policy is a fairly straightforward process, but there are several forms that frequently must be submitted. Most insurers will request:

  • An application for the insurance policy

  • Three-year loss history from current company

  • A copy of the current facility license

  • Copies of marketing materials, including print and digital collateral

An insurance agent who specializes in home health insurance will know what documents are required and can assist you in the application process.

How Can Businesses in New Hampshire Get Home Health Care Insurance?

For help finding home health care business for an at-home medical services business, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. Our agents have worked with many businesses in New Hampshire that needed this type of insurance, and we’re ready to assist your business with finding a suitable home health care insurance policy.