Food Truck Insurance in New Hampshire

Food trucks are growing in popularity across the country, including New Hampshire.  They are a great way for business owners to have flexibility with hours or location, and the public gets to enjoy diverse menus and casual eating.  It is a win-win, but there are risks like any restaurant or business. NH food truck insurance can help.Food Truck Insurance New Hampshire

What is Food Truck Insurance?

Food trucks are exposed to a unique set of risks, given it is essentially a moving restaurant.  NH Food truck insurance can provide financial protection while on the road, while parked when serving customers, and the many risks in between.

Food truck insurance is a type of commercial insurance specially designed to meet the coverage needs of food trucks. Policies are typically crafted as package policies that combine several coverages together.

What Businesses in New Hampshire Need Food Cart Insurance?

The majority of New Hampshire businesses that serve beverages and/or foods from a mobile cart, trailer, or truck can benefit from having food cart insurance. A few examples of businesses that might want to purchase a policy include:

  • Gourmet food trucks
  • Hot dog and hamburger carts
  • Ice cream trucks and bikes
  • Concessionaries who attend festivals
  • Restaurants that also have food trucks

An insurance agent specializing in food cart insurance, like HPM Insurance, can help other businesses determine whether this or some other form of insurance is best for them.

What Coverages Are Included in Food Cart Insurance Policies?

Businesses often have some ability to adjust the coverages included in their particular food car insurance policy, so exact coverages can vary. Nonetheless, there are several standard protections that many policies offer. A few of these include:

While many of these coverages are available individually, getting them via a package policy is convenient and frequently saves money.

Do Food Trucks Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Food trucks should have commercial auto insurance because the risks are higher with larger vehicles, given they can cause more damage if in an accident and are more expensive to repair.  As for the type of auto insurance, a commercial policy is usually needed since food trucks operate as business vehicles.

Business owners who use a personal truck to tow a food trailer should speak with a knowledgeable agent to determine whether they can adapt a personal policy to suit their circumstances. A commercial policy is generally still required in these circumstances, but there might be another option in select situations.

Do Food Trucks Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Food trucks that have paid employees are required by state law to have worker's compensation insurance. Even business owners who work alone might still want this coverage if they’re hurt while working. Sometimes, health insurance won’t cover business owners’ job-related injuries.

Worker's compensation isn’t automatically included in food truck policies. Instead, many business owners procure it through a separate policy.  Agents familiar with food truck policies can also assist with finding a workers' compensation policy.

How Can Food Trucks in New Hampshire Get Food Truck Insurance?

For help insuring a food truck, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. We LOVE food trucks, and our agents have worked with many food truck owners in New Hampshire, and they’re ready to assist you with finding food truck insurance.