Does My NH Homeowners Insurance Cover Power Outages?

Written by April Weismann on 03/16/2023 01:04 PM in Homeowners Insurance.

Living in New England, we are used to the occasional power outage.  Losing electricity is not just a hassle; it can cause damage to your home and property. Here is how a NH homeowner's insurance policy might cover a power outage at your home. Does Home Insurance Cover a Power Outage?

Is My House in New Hampshire House Covered if my Power Goes Out?

Most home insurance companies have a specific "power failure" exclusion listed within the policy.  That said, the language often clarifies that if the failure results in a loss from a peril insured against, the carrier will pay for the loss caused by that peril. 

For example, water damage would likely be covered if you lost power, causing your pipes to freeze and burst.

What if I Lose Power Because of a Fallen Tree?

The common reason the power goes out in NH is the wind bringing trees down. If your home is struck by a tree, taking out the power, then your homeowner's policy will likely cover the damage caused to your home by the tree.  However, the loss of power from the tree is not covered. 

For more information on tree coverage, check out, Will MY NH Homeowners Insurance Pay if a Tree Falls in My Yard?

What about Having a Generator?

A generator is wonderful to have to get through New England winters and other extreme weather. Whether you have a portable or whole-house generator, you want to ensure they are hooked up and used correctly to provide the intended benefit.

Generators are an investment, and like all investments, you want to ensure it's protected.  For example, if the generator were damaged by a covered event, like fire, theft, or wind, your home insurance would likely pay for the damage.

You may also be able to purchase mechanical breakdown coverage as its own endorsement or part of a coverage enhancement endorsement offered by the company.  Again, talk with your agent about your options.

What If All the Food in My Refridgerator and Freezer Spoil from Loss of Power?

Food is expensive, and when the power goes out, the clock starts ticking as to how long your food will last in your refrigerator and freezer.  If this concerns you, speak with your agent, as some carriers offer refrigerated property coverage for food stored in freezers or refrigerators for damage from loss of electrical service.

As mentioned, insurers may include such coverage within an enhancement endorsement, so check with your agent.

You will also want to ask your agent if refrigerated property coverage is subject to a deductible or could count as a claim against you.  These details matter as you don't want to file a claim for $400 in loss of refrigerated food only to learn it is subject to your $500 deductible. 

Whether a loss of refrigerated food is considered a filed claim is up to your carrier, so be sure to check.  Some carriers factor it into rating like any other claim, while others do not.  But, again, like the deductible factor, you would not want to file a $400 claim only to see your premium increase by $400 upon renewal.

Get help insuring your New Hampshire home

Homeowner's insurance can be tricky as there are many nuances to it.  That is why working with an experienced independent agent, like HPM Insurance, matters.  We work hard to get you the information you need to best protect your home and wallet.

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