What Does My Credit Have To Do With What I Pay For Insurance?

Written by April Weismann on 11/15/2013 01:03 PM in Personal Insurance.

Insurance companies are always trying to predict the future. Though the carriers don't have a crystal ball, they do use the information available to them, which, in NH, includes your credit score. This HPM blog dives into how and why this...

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HPM Insurance Collecting Food Donations to Benefit SHARE

Written by April Weismann on 11/05/2013 12:00 AM in Agency News.

HPM Insurance of Milford NH is accepting nonperishable food donations to benefit SHARE Outreach also of Milford.

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Why Extra Expense Insurance is Worth the Extra Expense for your NH Business

Written by April Weismann on 09/27/2013 12:00 AM in Business Insurance.

No one can argue that insurance is not cut and dry. If you want to insure your car in New Hampshire, you would buy a NH car insurance policy. If you want to insure your life, you buy life insurance. So if you want to insure your small business'...

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How To Protect Your NH Small Business from Hackers

Written by April Weismann on 09/12/2013 12:00 AM in Cyber Insurance,. Commercial Insurance.

When I think of a hacker I picture someone hunched over a desk in a dark room, dressed all in black, trying to breach the security of a large company or government agency. How could it possibly hack a NH small business? That seems.... boring....

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What If I Don't Report My NH Insurance Claim Right Away?

Written by April Weismann on 08/29/2013 09:13 AM in Business Insurance,. Personal Insurance,. Claim Information.

Maybe you didn't realize the damage to your home was quite as bad as it is. Maybe you were busy and couldn't find the time to report a minor fender-bender. Maybe you thought it wasn't a big deal if you didn't report your claim immediately, but it...

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What If I Don't Tell My NH Car Insurance Company About My Teen Driver?

Written by April Weismann on 08/14/2013 06:26 PM in Car Insurance.

Most people know that it is very expensive to insure a new driver.  We were all teenagers once and know that sense of confidence and infallibility can lead to an accident.  That is why the NH Car Insurance rates for teenage drivers are significantly...

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Top 5 NH Car Insurance Questions

Written by April Weismann on 07/16/2013 12:00 AM in Car Insurance,. Personal Insurance.

At HPM Insurance of New Hampshire, it is our job to help guide our clients through the complexities of insurance.  Over the years we have answered thousands of questions, but here is a list of the top 5 most frequently asked questions.

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Will My NH Car Insurance Cover the Moving Truck or Van I Rent?

Written by April Weismann on 06/04/2013 12:00 AM in Car Insurance.

When life requires a bigger vehicle than you own, you may find yourself needing to rent a truck or van.  This can be costly, so do you really need to buy the insurance the rental company offers on that truck or van?   

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Dave Trudo of HPM Insurance Awarded Anthem's Premier Partner Award

Written by April Weismann on 05/24/2013 10:59 AM in Agency News.

Dave Trudo of HPM Insurance was recently awarded the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of New Hampshire's Premier Partner Award for 2013.

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5 Driving Tips Learned from the School of Hard Knocks

Written by April Weismann on 04/11/2013 12:00 AM in Safety Tips.

It is amazing how the pure number of drivers, cyclists, walkers and runners seems to quadruple overnight when the cold weather finally breaks in NH. It is like ants at a picnic and though everyone has the right to roll those windows down and...

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